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Should A Landlord Allow Pets in Their Property?


We British are famously a nation of animal lovers, and many of us have a furry companion of our own. However you’d have no conception of our national affinity for animals when browsing lists of property for rent. The default position from most landlords is “No Pets Allowed.” Understandably, most landlords are reluctant to allow potentially destructive animals into the property they have spent so much money on. However, allowing pets into a property can make it much easier for landlords to find and keep a tenant in Seaford.

If you allow pets in your property, you are likely to receive many more enquiries than if you don’t. This is a huge boon for a Seaford landlord, especially when you are having trouble finding a tenant. We’ve noticed that our Seaford letting agency customers who allow pets in their property generally find a tenant much faster.

We’ve also found that the majority of pet owning tenants cause no trouble for the landlords at all. A pet is usually as good as its owner, and we are experts at finding responsible tenants. These tenants are almost always responsible pet owners, with well behaved and healthy pets.

If you do choose to rent to people with pets, then you should ask for an increased deposit. This is standard practice when you are dealing with tenants who have cats or dogs and most tenants will be happy to pay it.

We will always add additional clauses to the tenancy agreement for pets. This will make it much easier to deal with tenants if a pet does cause problems, and will also facilitate deposit deductions for pet related damages. It will also include clauses that underline the tenant’s responsibility with regards to pets, such as cleaning up dog mess in the garden and re-seeding patchy grass if necessary.


You can also ask for a “pet payment”, which is a non refundable payment which will be used at the end of the tenancy to pay for a deep cleaning of the entire property.  This is especially useful if you are concerned about subsequent tenants with pet allergies. There are many services in Seaford and East Sussex offering hypoallergenic deep cleaning to remove any allergens that may remain when a pet moves out of a property.

Generally, property managing agencies carry out regular inspections, ensuring as much as they can that tenants’ pets do not damage the property or behave in an unruly manner. Of course, this is something they do with all the tenancies they manage, not just the ones with pets.

Similarly, if you have decided that you definitely don’t want to rent your property to someone with pets, we will make sure that they don’t keep any pets in the property surreptitiously.

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