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Your Gas Safety Responsibilities as a Seaford Landlord

Domestic gas appliances are perhaps the most volatile pieces of equipment that you’ll find in a domestic setting. Lots of things can go wrong,...

Top Five Tips on How to be a Great Tenant

Landlords and Letting Agents in Seaford are looking to rent to someone who will pay on time, respect the property, and cause no disruption...

Paying Rent in Advance

Normally it’s expected of a tenant to pay rent one month in advance, and in this country it’s very unusual for a landlord to...

Should A Landlord Allow Pets in Their Property?

We British are famously a nation of animal lovers, and many of us have a furry companion of our own. However you’d have no...

Decoration and Renovation Tips for Seaford Buy to Let Landlords –...

When you purchase an Seaford rental property, it’s unlikely to be in a state where you can immediately start renting it out. This is...

Your Responsibilities as a Tenant

It can be confusing to know what your role as a tenant is. As a tenant, you have certain responsibilities that you have to...

Your Legal Responsibilities as a Landlord

The law is extremely clear when it comes to the responsibilities that you will have when renting out a property. There are certain regulations...

The Cost of Letting out a Property in Seaford

Over the years, we've spoken with many landlords who seek out a property management company in Seaford due to the sheer amount of work...

How to Attract (and keep) long term, quality tenants in Seaford

As Seaford letting agents, all too often we encounter landlords who let their rental properties fall by the wayside in terms of décor, often...

Furniture & Furnishings Fire Safety

Furniture and furnishings supplied in rental accommodation must comply with The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 (as amended). Some materials used to fill...
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