As Seaford letting agents, all too often we encounter landlords who let their rental properties fall by the wayside in terms of décor, often with the mentality that the investment would be wasted when future tenants might just destroy it. Yet the double-edged sword is that, inevitably, properties neglected by a landlord will often attract the type of tenant less likely to look after your property. The key to attracting respectful, long term tenants who are a pleasure to have in your property is in good presentation from the viewing stage.

Here are three tips to help you present the perfect property, every time!

Tip one: Invest

For a very first rental or when you’re between tenants you may have to to invest a little capital to bring your rented property up to spec. The bare minimum works include tasks like repairing a leaky tap, fixing broken drawers and cabinets, and replacement or maintenance of any other well-worn items around the place. Consider re-decorating – a fresh coat of paint can transform a property back to life and gives a good first impression.  Clean any curtains or blinds and have the carpets professionally cleaned or replaced if very old or worn. Clean the oven and hob – pay a professional if required. Ensure gardens are tidy, weeded and grass is cut.


Remember a tenant is responsible for handing back a property in a clean and presentable condition provided it was presented in this condition at the start of a tenancy.


Modern kitchens and bathrooms attract good tenants and the best rent possible, so investment in these areas can be very cost effective. This doesn’t have to be an expensive operation as great deals can be sourced from a little research. Think of changing kitchen unit doors rather than a whole new kitchen.


The money you invest now will pay off as time goes on. Not only can you potentially increase the rent for a better presented property, you are more likely to attract longer-term tenants, cutting down on profits lost from having a rotating door of tenants.

Tip two: there’s no place like home

You want to move away from short-term tenancies and catch a keeper who will plant roots for years to come and keep your rent coming in. These types of tenants include young professionals, couples, and families – each and every one of them is looking for a home. They may not be in the position to buy, and so are looking for a comfortable, secure place to live for the foreseeable future. For you, that means a dependable source of rent and low-maintenance tenants. Tenants prefer to bring their own furnishings and appliances should be kept to a minimum. A functioning cooker is usually expected. Keep an open mind to supplying a fridge/freezer or perhaps a washing machine if requested. Remember, appliances supplied are the responsibility of the landlord to repair or replace if anything goes wrong. However, you can offer appliances on a ‘loan’ basis, making repair or replacement the tenant’s responsibility.

Tip three: keeping your perfect Seaford tenant

Create and maintain a space people want to live in, and live in it they will.  A landlord with an Seaford property portfolio who is seen, from the start, to be maintaining their property goes a long way in attracting and keeping the right kind of tenant – a tenant who will respect and look after the property.  Once your new tenants move in they will be responsible for general day-to-day maintenance and upkeep of the property.