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Your Gas Safety Responsibilities as a Seaford Landlord

Domestic gas appliances are perhaps the most volatile pieces of equipment that you’ll find in a domestic setting. Lots of things can go wrong,...

How to Be A Successful Seaford Landlord: Five Essential Tips

Are you a landlord in Seaford? Many Seaford landlords today are all too aware of the overpowering public image of “the bad landlord.” The...

Top Five Tips on How to be a Great Tenant

Landlords and Letting Agents in Seaford are looking to rent to someone who will pay on time, respect the property, and cause no disruption...

Paying Rent in Advance

Normally it’s expected of a tenant to pay rent one month in advance, and in this country it’s very unusual for a landlord to...

Should A Landlord Allow Pets in Their Property?

We British are famously a nation of animal lovers, and many of us have a furry companion of our own. However you’d have no...

Seaford Letting Agent Provides Hope To Tenants on Benefits

Despite signs of economic growth in the UK, the housing market remains overstretched and competitive, making it increasingly difficult for people to get on...

Retired tenants are to be sought after

To the benefit of landlords, more and more retirees are opting to take accommodation within the private rental sector (PRS). The market for Seaford...

Safety a primary concern for Seaford home renters

Everyone is concerned with their home's safety when first renting a property, and Britons are no less aware of what should constitute a safe...

New charity to improve the Seaford Private Rental Sector

In exciting news for tenants, landlords and letting agents in Seaford and the rest of the United Kingdom, the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (commonly referred...

National Landlords Association supports Big Energy Saving Week

As part of the Big Energy Week, the National Landlords Association (NLA) is encouraging landlords to work with their tenants to reduce the amount...
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