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Safety a primary concern for Seaford home renters


Everyone is concerned with their home’s safety when first renting a property, and Britons are no less aware of what should constitute a safe neighbourhood to live in. According to a newly undertaken survey by Ocean Finance, approximately 60 per cent of property renters think that safety is the utmost primary concern when renting a property. This is regardless of whether someone is renting for the first time or not. This is no different for Seaford letting agents, and renters will still have the same needs.

Living in a residential area which offers a respectable neighbourhood and low crime-rate is also essential. Approximately 72 per cent of people who rent a home agree that they would most certainly not want to live in a crime ridden area, or even an area where major crimes have occurred in the past. England’s capital is the only city which is highly tolerant to crime; a survey has determined that only approximately 60 per cent of people living in London will not consider renting in a high-crime area.

The information which has been made available as a result of undertaking these surveys will surely be invaluable to the letting sector, and to Seaford letting Agents. Knowing what tenants look for when looking for a property is important information for a letting agent.

Another important aspect to bear in mind for agents is the need for living in a quiet area. Almost 50% of the people who responded to a survey agreed that it would be something of primary importance. In contrast, only about 1% of those who responded agreed to living in a high-noise, more lively area.

Other things which are important are parking space, which was mentioned by about 35% of people, proximity to public transport (about 27%) and being near institutions such as a school or hospital (25%).

Quoting from Ian Williams, a member of Ocean Finance: “The old adage about the three most important factors when choosing a property being ‘location, location and location’ hasn’t changed – but it is interesting to see what factors drive that choice of location.”

He also mentioned that the most important thing for renters is, logically, finding a price which they can afford to pay. This still remains the biggest determining factor in whether people will choose or dismiss living somewhere. Though people will generally have a very clear idea where to live, and the price which they are expecting to pay, a cheaper property will always come top of the list and compromises regarding neighbourhood and crime will be a possibility.

Other important factors which have been determined by our surveys were proximity to sewage works, which was mentioned by approximately 43% of those surveyed, and being in the vicinity of somewhere extremely noisy like an airport or a construction site. Pubs and restaurants are also determining factors in some instances (14 per cent of respondents).

Generally, what can be taken from these results is that while price is of utmost importance, people want a quite, low-crime area to live in which offers services in the vicinity. It is likely that these will always be of importance for those renting a property, regardless of the state of the housing market. If you are looking for a Seaford letting agent feel free to contact (company name) for some of the best properties in the area.

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