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Ways That Different Areas Are Providing More Housing For Their Residents


The government across the UK are providing different councils across the UK with help when it comes to building better housing for their local communities. This not only includes affordable housing, but also a number of other issues such as the quality of rented housing, and providing support for people who are deemed to be vulnerable. There is an assessment approach for each local planning authority which helps to provide evidence of development needs. This includes the scale and mix of the types of housing, and the housing supply needed in the area. With a number of letting agencies such as Fenn Wright available to talk to in the UK, finding a property is easier than ever, and now different areas are providing more housing than before for their residents.

Vulnerable People Support

On the 17th February 2017, the Communities Secretary confirmed over 70 projects being carried out across the country to help find supported living for more than 19,000 victims of domestic abuse. These projects will be receiving a share of £20 million, in order to help support the victims, create more than 2,200 bed spaces in refuges and other specialist accommodation which will provide them with somewhere safe to live and rebuild their lives.

Area Assessments

Different areas across the UK will regularly carry out needs assessments in order to determine whether they need more housing for their residents. These assessments will cover facts and unbiased evidence, to determine whether the area needs more affordable housing, the quality of the rented housing in the area and much more. As of 2015, councils can have more say when it comes to building in the area, and they have quickly become what is known as ‘housing delivery enablers’. This will help them to work with businesses, housing associations and more in order to provide homes that their residents are looking for.

Government Schemes

A number of radical changes have been implemented by the government in order to get Britain building again, with a planning system allowing local communities the power to have a say over what is built, the Affordable Homes Programme, schemes like the Help To Buy Scheme, and investing millions to get builders back to work after the 2008 crash. Local communities and housing providers will have full governmental support too, in order to help them deliver more affordable homes until 2020. There are plenty of different examples that show that the government are providing a helping hand when it comes to different areas providing more housing for their residents.

Housing Associations

A lot of pressure is put on housing associations in the UK to provide low-cost social housing for those in need of somewhere to live, but rental housing is quickly becoming more of an option for those in need. Housing associations provide housing for everybody, and while they are perceived as an option for those in low income brackets this is not always the case. In many cases, as housing is becoming more expensive, this is becoming a way to help provide an opportunity for young people to get a property of their own.

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