If there is one thing for sure, it is that no one is keen to forget about their tenancy deposit when moving out of a rented property. And by forgetting, we mean losing it inevitably.

That sacred deposit is what usually tenants rely on to cover the expenses that may occur when the time for moving out of the property arrives.

Learn what we find as important when the moment of truth comes. Following these tips will make sure you are leaving the property without breaking the relationship with your landlord, and more importantly, without losing your sweet deposit money.

Give the walls a little treatment

Stains and spots are an inevitable part of almost any tenancy. Try to scrub off what you can and if damage is too bad, consider some help.

Not only that, but the paint’s colour also fades away over time.

Investing in a repaint of the walls seems like a more reasonable solution than trying to take out all the stains and scuff marks. Choosing a re-paint will make the walls look fresh and it is another box checked on your list of how to get your deposit back. Check our decoration and renovation tips part 1 and part 2.

Don’t leave holes in the walls

While this should be quite intuitive to realise, sometimes it is easy to forget. When you are finishing with taking off all the pictures on the wall, don’t forget to fill the holes and cracks.

Tackle mirrors, windows and glass doors

If there is glass, there are also fingertips. Wipe thoroughly your windows and mirrors and make them shine. If you don’t want to approach professionals, you could try cleaning them chemical-free yourself. Another “must do” task on the checklist. Pay attention to doorknobs, light switches, and fittings. The process of cleaning them will be relatively short, but it will definitely worth it. Include this on your list too.

Scrub the bathroom until it shines

Bathroom together with bedroom represent the spaces where everything should be clean and neat. Dedicate a few hours and scrub the bathroom and toilet using detergents or cleaning solutions. Tile cleaning is time-consuming, but don’t even think of skipping it, as your landlord will closely inspect it for signs of mould.

Don’t overlook the kitchen appliances

While cleaning the appliances can be a little tricky and it requires some time, an oven with baked grime and a fridge full of splashes will not do you any favour. It is sure that your landlord will give them a close look, so don’t skip this part.

Be sure you’ve emptied all wardrobes and cupboards

Don’t leave anything that was not in the property at the moment when you moved in – this includes cleaning tools, as well. Still, you won’t be sentenced if you leave an unopened soap bar or pack of toilet paper.

Dirty or stained carpets should be cleaned before the inspection

Carpets and rugs represent a sizeable investment and are definitely something your landlord will take a close look at. Get professional carpet cleaning if it is required be the lease agreement, as it may be cheaper than losing your deposit. Some companies in London offer high-end hot water carpet treatment that comes with incredible results.

Dust and wipe the blinds, and vacuum the curtains

Furnishings gather a great amount of dust over time and sometimes just vacuuming them will not be sufficient.

Last, but not least – collect all the keys given to you from the landlord

What was given should be then returned otherwise your deposit might become the subject of deductions.


We realise that the tips above are time-consuming, but they just have to be done if you are after your deposit. There are many cases in which the tenants have done the cleaning themselves, but the landlord is still not satisfied. Moving out of a property can be smooth when you have the right help  by your side.