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Decoration and Renovation Tips For Seaford Buy to Let Landlords – Part 2


Spend your money wisely

Naturally you will want to minimize the amount of money you spend on decorating your Seaford rental property, but certain things are worth spending a bit of extra cash on.

One area that you really shouldn’t economize too much on is the floor. The floor is the part of your property that will get constant wear. It will be walked on daily, scraped by chair legs, and just generally abused by your tenants, no matter how nice they may seem! It’s worth investing in good quality, durable flooring that will last you for many tenancies. The best option is heavy duty carpeting. This will be able to withstand many years of use, and also will survive the toxic chemicals of carpet shampooing.

Laminate flooring is also an option, but tenants have a terrible habit of bringing in chairs and other furnishings that damage it, so carpet may be wiser in the long run. And of course, for extra durability, you should use tiles in the bathroom, kitchen, and anywhere else you can reasonably put them.

As a Seaford landlord you should also invest money in the bathroom set, and in particular: bathroom taps. A good set of bathroom taps will last forever. Bad taps seem to fall to pieces instantly, causing utter chaos in your property and very unhappy tenants. When you consider the fact that you have to pay someone every time you want to replace the taps, it makes sense to invest in good quality fittings from the outset.

Similarly, there are certain items that just aren’t worth spending too much money on. If you are renting out a furnished flat, you’d be crazy to spend a fortune on expensive mattresses. Even if your tenants leave the mattress in perfect condition, your next tenants will definitely appreciate a fresh one. Curtains are another item that you’d be foolish to invest too much in.

Forget your personal taste

Many landlords try to give their properties “character”, or a “personal touch”. Don’t do this. You need to forget your personal taste, and remember that you won’t be living there. Don’t worry about creating a “home” or “homely atmosphere” for potential tenants. They don’t expect it, and they don’t want it. They want a blank canvas where they can create their own home, with their own personal touches, rather than moving into a home that you have created.  Keep things neutral, sparse, and bland. This is especially important to bear in mind when you are renting out a furnished flat. Don’t buy anything quirky or unusual. Your tenants will add their own touches.

Buy more tiles and paint than you need

This might seem like insane advice when you are trying to wring every bit of profit out of your buy to let property, but it will pay dividends later. It’s an incredibly wise move because there is nothing more difficult than looking for a replacement tile that is an exact match 10 years down the line, or the exact shade of paint you need to touch up a door.  We’ve heard some nightmare stories from our customers about this very problem. Don’t go overboard, just make sure you have some spares handy.

If you need any more advice about how to decorate your property, let us know. We are one of the few letting agents in Seaford that will talk you through any difficult decisions if you are a new landlord, whether it’s about decoration or anything else. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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