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Storm Proofing Your Home, What Works and What Doesn’t


Winter is coming and Britain is set to see quite a few storms this season. After the 80mph winds brought on by storms Ophelia and Brian, you can expect to see similar blasts sweep across the country soon enough, but you don’t have to be caught unawares or ill-prepared. Unfortunately, there are methods that some people deploy to protect their homes from storms that don’t really work. In this article, we’ll let you know some of the storm proofing myths around and what really works.

What doesn’t work

Taping your windows

Taping your windows may actually increase danger rather than keep your home safe. When winds blow on your house, keeping your windows taped can create large shards of glass that can get people severely injured. A better alternative will be to use proven methods such as impact-resistant windows.

Cracking your windows open

It is believed that cracking your windows open will stabilise pressure, but this is the last thing you should be doing in the event of a storm. You’ll be better off doing your best to prevent violent winds from getting into your home.

Boarding up windows and doors in one direction

Many people think that they only need to board up windows and doors that are facing the direction from which they believe the storm is coming. If you are going to be boarding up your windows and doors at all, it is better to do them all. Many storms are rotating storms and the most danger facing your windows will come from debris that can easily ricochet.

Leaning against a window or door to protect it

Some people believe that the best way to protect a window or door that has been blown in by wind pressure is to lean against it in order to prevent it from breaking or shattering. To protect yourself and your loved ones, it is best that you stay away from a door or window that is bending to the pressure of the wind.

What works

Protect your doors and window

Skip the tape and go for impact resistant glass or shutters. If you don’t want shutters permanently installed, install a track so you can mount the shutters whenever a storm approaches.

Clear debris

Once you become aware of an approaching storm, it is important that you prune trees and get rid of dead branches or any of the objects that can get blown around.

Mind the door

Your garage door can be a weak spot in a very strong storm, so brace your door or install a stronger one.

Keep the water flowing

During a storm, it is important that any flowing water not be blocked, otherwise, it may end up getting in your attic and roof.

Don’t run out of power

It is possible that the power grid will not work during a storm, so it is important to have a standby generator just in case.

Don’t keep these tips to yourself. Share them with your friends and family so everyone can stay safe.

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