The arrival of the railway in 1840 transformed Eastbourne from a lowly hamlet to one of the biggest seaside locations in the UK. Today, there are nearly 200,000 people living in Eastbourne and the numbers keep swelling. What are the attractions? Why should you live in Eastbourne?

Warm and Sunny

Eastbourne became popular because of the exquisite seafront and magnificent coast line.  These are what earned it the title of the sunniest place in the UK. It is no surprise that tourism is its major income source. The seafront and coastline means that individuals in Eastbourne are always sure of something to do after dealing with the demands of work over the week.

Rich history

Eastbourne’s history can be traced back to 500bc. During the middle ages, the town was known for extensive sheep farming and a fish community. In 1690, the residents fought the French in Beachy Head. The Martello towers rose in the coastline to defend England against Napoleon. People come to the town from all over the UK to relive the memories from Eastbourne’s past.

Good transport network

The A22 and A2270 convey people in and out of the town centre, connecting Eastbourne to Hampden Park and Willingdon.  Eastbourne has bus services in all parts of the town, as well as to nearby areas like Lewes, Hailsham, Battle and Bexhill etc. The bus station is on Cavendish Place by the pier. East Coast Mainline links the town centre with services coming from Brighton, Bexhill, Hastings and Ashford International.  The train station is located on Terminus Road, a few minutes’ walk from the seafront.

Bustling shopping, drinking and eating environment

As a seaside resort there is no searching for options when it comes to shopping, drinking and eating. There are over 70 pubs serving traditional English ales and continental beers. Some of these stay open until early dawn.  The “restaurant row” is the place to be for everything ranging from Mediterranean and Oriental dishes to modern British food.  For shopping, high street names can be found at the Eastbourne Arndale Centre and Sovereign Harbour.

Family parks

Young families relocating to Eastbourne will enjoy the wide range of parks and gardens that provide a welcome respite from the main town centre.  Some of the best parks include Manor Gardens, Gildredge Park, Shinewater Park, Long Man of Wilmington, Eastbourne Pier and, of course, Beachy Head.

Good number of residential areas

There are many decent residential areas in Eastbourne with letting opportunities. The most popular is Sovereign Harbour, but there are many others scattered across town.  These include, Summerdown, Saffrons, Meads, Upperton and Old Town.

With all of the above, it is no surprise that Eastbourne has seen an increase in the number of people relocating from more populated environments across the UK.