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Christmas Home Security Tips


This Christmas season comes with the usual excitement, celebration, and earnest preparation for the holidays. However, amidst all this, Co-op Insurance is advising people to have a sense of safety and security, especially with their homes and cars.

Local locksmith Luke Kenneth of Worthing-Locksmith.co.uk says, “As tempting as it is to check-in at the airport on your phone or share pictures around the pool whilst on your mountain holiday in Mont-Blanc this does gives people an idea of when you’re not home and when your property is most likely to be empty.”

Co-op Insurance automatically increases its contents cover by 10% in the weeks surrounding Christmas and New Year to help keep customers rest assured. This way, there is extra allowance for gifts and valuable items to be stored in the home. In the case that foodstuff stored in the fridge or freezer spoils due to power failure or a faulty appliance, Co-op Insurance covers their policyholders with a value of up to £1,000.

Co-op Insurance Home Safety Tips:

  1. Ensure your curtains are closed whenever your lights are on inside. It’s easy to tell when a house is empty during the winter period and this can give burglars an advantage.
  2. Whenever you plan to stay away from home overnight, leave a light on inside to make your house appear occupied.
  3. Always keep your handbag and wallet where you can see them so you don’t become a target for pickpockets.
  4. Try not to tempt anyone by leaving presents and valuables in plain view. If you’re in a car, keep them in the boot or under the seat.
  5. Don’t give out information on social media. You never know who’s reading your posts, so be careful not to share any information that could put you in danger.
  6. Once all the presents have been opened, be careful of how you dispose of the packaging. You’ll be surprised that burglars sometimes go through people’s trash to have an idea of what might be in the house.
  7. Be sure your fairy lights don’t cause a fire hazard. You might want to buy new ones to be sure they are safe and always turn them off when they are not in use.
  8. Be sure to check that your insurance policy covers possible damages to appliances or gadgets and anything valuable.
    Jim Maddan OBE (Chair of Neighbourhood Watch) says, “Most burglaries are opportunistic and many can be prevented by taking simple steps to ensure the safety of your home. We strongly suggest that you make your home look occupied when you leave it for either short or long periods and always keep windows shut when not in use.”
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