BTL Sector Booms in the Aftermath of Brexit

The buy-to-let sector is witnessing an upward swing despite temporary setback from changes in tax and stamp duty. This is one of the conclusions...

Rental properties ‘haunted’ by ‘ghost’ tenants

New research reports that the phenomena of ‘ghost tenants’ is on the rise. Whilst you might be excused for thinking this blog post is...

How to Attract (and keep) long term, quality tenants in Seaford

As Seaford letting agents, all too often we encounter landlords who let their rental properties fall by the wayside in terms of décor, often...
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Tenant Help: How to Get your Security Deposit Back

If there is one thing for sure, it is that no one is keen to forget about their tenancy deposit when moving out of...

If There’s a Musty Smell, Call the Damp Specialist

That “Old House” Smell Means a Problem That Needs Putting Right Some people dismiss a musty smell as an inevitable feature of an older house....

5 Fire Risk Hazards Not to Ignore

Be Alert to These Common Hazards in Homes and Businesses Fire kills around 300 people every year in the UK. Being aware of common hazards...
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Decoration and Renovation Tips for Seaford Buy to Let Landlords – Part 1

When you purchase an Seaford rental property, it’s unlikely to be in a state where you can immediately start renting it out. This is...

Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety - the Key Points There are around 30 deaths and 4,000 accidents annually in the UK involving electrics, so don't think it...

How to Be A Landlord: Top Tips for Success (Part 1.)

I quickly found that in becoming a landlord, I immediately boarded the roller-coaster of different experiences. I’ve had amazing tenants and I’ve had dreadful...


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National Landlords Association supports Big Energy Saving Week

As part of the Big Energy Week, the National Landlords Association (NLA) is encouraging landlords to work with their tenants to reduce the amount...


PRS: Factors that drive Tenants to a property

In the past, the private rented sector (PRS) mainly consisted of people who were unable to afford the cost of their own homes. Today,...

Landlords Advised To Undertake Regular Property Inspection Visits

New research on property use by tenants has underlined the need for homeowners to make occasional visits to their property to minimize the chance...
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